Rotarians’ ‘Desert Island Discs’

President Sandy Bannerman chaired a meeting with a difference last Thursday evening when he introduced Past President Ron Laidlaw who had asked six members to choose their favourite piece of music and explain the reasons for their choice along the lines of “Desert Island disc”.

Sandy Bannerman chose a piece from the first Act of Carmen and guitarist Martin Taylor’s “True” for their clarity and tone; Ron Sutherland went for James Taylor’s “You’ve got a friend” to mind him of passed friends; Jim Walker selected a piece by Elgar played by Jacqueiline du Pre for her musical expression; Andrew Suddon chose Asha’s rendition in prose and music of Shelley’s poem “Love’s philosophy”; Mairhi Trickett recalled her bygone days by “Lonely Scapa Flow” sung by Angus Findlater and Ron Laidlaw, a jazz-buff selected trumpeter Bobby Hackett’s “It’s wonderful”, which highlighted the wide-ranging tastes of the individuals involved.

The club agreed to supply the medals for the forthcoming swimming gala of P6/7 pupils.