Right-Hand Lass revels in ‘more relaxed’ role

Priesthaugh Ride-out
Priesthaugh Ride-out

RIGHT-HAND Lass Stacey Brand is loving every moment of her second year in office, but she says time is passing too quickly, writes Sarah Williamson.

The 21-year-old (pictured) has described her Common-Riding this year as “more relaxed”, as she takes something of a back seat and lends a guiding hand to Cornet’s Lass Kirsteen Hill.

But alluding to one aspect of the role that hasn’t changed, the Right Hand Lass revealed: “I’m really enjoying a different side of things and being able to be more relaxed, but just like last year, time is flying by. It’s difficult to take everything in, and I think it will take the full three years.” And Stacey said that’s the best piece of advice she’s given the Cornet’s Lass, explaining: “Kirsteen was nervous but I told her to grasp the opportunity, smile and enjoy it, and she is doing brilliantly.”

The Right-Hand Lass also said that the 1514 concert and the ride-outs are among many highlights so far, but she is especially looking forward to the ‘Big Week’, as well as tomorrow’s Mosspaul ride-out. She commented: “I’m looking forward to meeting up with principals from other towns we met last year.”

And added: “I also can’t wait to see Kirsteen at the Colour-Bussing, when she will shine.”