Ride-out ‘not under threat’

Denholm Ride-out will go ahead this year, despite fears that spiralling costs and a lack of volunteers could spell its demise.

It was reported in last week’s Hawick News that the popular picnic day faced an uncertain future due to the demand for extra portable toilets putting financial strain on the Denholm Feuars’ and Householders’ Council, which owns the Green and hosts the day.

But after seeing the story, two local benefactors have since come forward to offer financial assistance – and the small band of volunteers who run the event has also been boosted by two. Feuars spokesperson Lynn Ferguson told the Hawick News: “We were extremely concerned about the lack of help and increase in costs to pay for the extra toilets.

“However, we are delighted that Simone Falcone from the Denholm Meet has kindly come forward and offered to make a contribution towards the cost, as has another Denholm businessman who wishes to remain anonymnous, so the ride-out is not under threat.”

She confirmed: “It will happen and we are full steam ahead.”

Mrs Ferguson says they have also managed to renegotiate the toilets at a cheaper price, and are still pursuing grant funding with thehelp of local Councillor Stuart Marshall.

“She added: “We still need people to help us on the day to control the parking, as there are only six of us so far. But the majority of people in Denholm look forward to the ride-out and it’s an important day for local businesses.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone and keeping our fingers crossed that the sun shines and everyone has a great day.”

Denholm Ride-out takes place on Saturday, May 31.