Reward for tent thieves info

HAVING left my two tents at the Moor overnight so they could dry out after Saturday’s torrential rain, I went up to check on them on Sunday to see if they’d dried out. They hadn’t, so I left them until Monday when I’d get them after finishing work.

However, on arriving at the Moor at 2pm after my shift, I discovered they had been removed, and after checking the skip they were still nowhere to be seen. Whoever took them, though, saw fit to put my father’s wheelchair into the skip. I ‘thank’ them for that because at least dad has it back.

The theft has to have taken place between 11.40am and 2pm on Monday, as Brisbane’s plumbing workers, who were there clearing the drains, said the tents were there when they left to go back into town at 11.40.

I’d really like my tents back, and a small reward, pending any information, is available on their return.


I’D like to complain about the toilets up the Moor last Friday as there was no toilet paper left at around noon. There were extra toilets but there only seemed to be one Portakabin open at a time. And after using them, I returned later to be met by the disgusting sight of the bowls full to the brim. You had to clean your feet on the grass on the way out. We all pay money to get in to the Moor. I paid £5 – for what?


I was surprised to see the content of your report on Denholm Ride-out as my neighbours and I experienced the same behaviour as last year by a minority of visitors who attended the day in the village. I was certainly not delighted as stated by Feuars chairman Sid Huddart.

May I say that the effort put in by the organisers was greatly improved from last year, with more toilet facilities, rubbish bins around and on the green, no parking signs on the road and more high-visibility policing. However, I personally went to the police to report visitors urinating at my neighbour’s doorway and officers did later patrol the area at intervals. My neighbours also saw the mess made.

Your paper attended prior meetings in the village where the Feuars agreed to install barriers to the closes. This was not done. There were also 20-plus cars left on the green overnight and these were finaly cleared by Sunday late afternoon.

Village volunteers cleared up rubbish on the green on the Sunday morning and did a first-class job. But wouldn’t it have been easier for visitors to put their rubbish in the bins and bags provided?

I have not spoken to community police officer Brian Murray but any number of urinators is unacceptable, and I’m sure if he visits more residents he will find there were other areas where incidents occurred. The majority of the visitors were very welcome and acted properly.


I am writing to you in the hope that my letter will be read by Hawick’s World War Two veterans who, due to a lack of advertising, may not have been aware that from 2010, financial grants, Heroes Return II, have been available from the Big Lottery Fund to enable veterans, male or female, to pay a visit of remembrance to the theatre of war that they were involved in.

The scheme has been extended to December 3, 2012, and it would be extremely helpful if you could make these details known.

As I have received a grant for a visit I made last December, I would be more than willing to advise any Hawick veterans on how and where to claim.

Ted Cachart

01773 853 181