Restaurant boss in plea after intimidation and arson threat

Humaiun Khan with his damaged A-boards.
Humaiun Khan with his damaged A-boards.

A local restaurant owner is claiming he’s been subjected to months of intimidation and threats and he’s appealing for the public and customers to be vigilant on his behalf.

And Humaiun Khan, who runs Khan’s Indian Restaurant in Teviot Crescent told the Hawick News this week that someone he’d previously banned from his premises returned on Monday evening and threatened to burn the building down.

Local police are now carrying out a “full investigation” into Mr Khan’s allegations.

Speaking this week, the restaurant owner told the Hawick News: “I know who is behind these incidents. I’ve barred them from my restaurant and wish for them not to come back here. But this week one person turned up here and when I asked him to leave he became abusive and threatened to burn my premises down. This is very worrying.

“I’ve worked hard since coming here six months ago and have built up a successful business with lots of loyal customers, but this is causing
me and my family great

Mr Khan has also had his A-boards damaged on several occasions and his premises have been subjected to vandalism from “certain individuals”.

He added: “On one occasion a customer who I knew wanted to cause harm to my business left water running upstairs and that came through the floor. I have also had fittings damaged. It is very intimidating and I’m not happy about it at all.

I would appreciate it if the many loyal customers I have keep their eyes and ears open and report anything to the police. I love it here in Hawick and I’m not going to be driven away by these people.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “I can confirm that Mr Khan did contact police. Officers arrived at the premises and carried out a search for a male described by Mr Khan.

“A thorough enquiry will be carried out into Mr Khan’s allegations and safety advice has been provided to him.”

Mr Khan, who also has a restaurant in Kelso and previously owned an establishment in Eyemouth, added: “I am very worried and distressed over this. I have spent a lot of money here. I am not prepared to put up with this any longer it must stop it has gone too far.”