Residents’ joy as tree problems are rooted out

Stuart Marshall, Derek Gibson, Isa and Colin Mackintosh, Greg Murray, Joan Byers and Watson McAteer
Stuart Marshall, Derek Gibson, Isa and Colin Mackintosh, Greg Murray, Joan Byers and Watson McAteer

Residents in Silverbuthall have spoken of their delight this week that the problem of overgrown trees has finally been solved.

Numerous unkept trees were having a detrimental effect on people’s lives by blocking out sunlight, affecting the drainage system and there were fears that fallen branches would cause a road accident.

The trees were trimmed back on Monday and residents are already seeing a marked improvement.

Isa Mackintosh, 74, a resident in Branxholme Road, said: “It’s absolutely wonderful, what a difference it has made.

“The house is so much brighter now I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Mrs Mackintosh has lived in her house with her husband Colin, 80, for 49 years and has been requesting action be taken for years.

“It was getting dangerous,” she explained.

“Branches were starting to come off the trees and one landed right across the road.

“The drivers saw it and came to a stop but there was going to be an accident if it was left any longer.”

Another Branxholme Road resident, Joan Byers, said: “The tree surgeon has done an excellent job, what a difference .”

Hawick and Denholm councillors Stuart Marshall and Watson McAteer have been working with Scottish Borders Housing Association, tree specialists at Scottish Borders Council and landlords to solve the problem. Mr Marshall said: “SBHA have been very responsive and their recent efforts to cut back and maintain parts of the Silverbuthall estate have been much appreciated by the residents.”

Councillor McAteer added: “The council have been playing their part and the recent action in Wilton Cemetery together with SBHA’s work in Branxholme Road are excellent examples of partnership working together.”

A spokesperson from Scottish Borders Housing Association said: “We would like to thank all involved who worked with our team to resolve the problems local residents were experiencing.

“As part of our neighbourhood focus we’re pleased to work collaboratively to find
solutions for our communi-ties.”