Residents’ joy as ‘dangerous’ house is razed to the ground

A HALF-BUILT house at Heronhill which a nearby resident has described as a “disaster” has been demolished.

Bulldozers moved in on the partly developed site just off Weensland Road (pictured) last week, flattening a timber frame house which had sat unfinished for more than two years – causing concern over its appearance and safety.

One nearby resident, who did not wish to be named, told the Hawick News: “The development was a disaster, just like a bomb site.

“Whoever owned the land didn’t do what they said they were going to do, partly built a house then left it and other foundations.

“It was a complete eyesore and had become a dangerous area.”

Local Councillors George Turnbull, Davie Paterson and Ron Smith and Scottish Borders Council had all been involved at various stages to seek a solution, and last Tuesday morning the property was demolished.

Councillor Smith commented: “This half-built house had caused anxiety to the residents of Heronhill Bank and had sat as a shell.

“It’s a waste that somebody started to build a house which has now been knocked down, but with children’s safety in question that was the case that was made.”