Residents in the dark after survey finds 42 street lights out of action

A LOCAL councillor has called for the reinstatement of an initiative to monitor street lighting after he identified more than 40 local lamps in need of repair.

Following numerous calls from local residents, Stuart Marshall toured his Hawick and Denholm ward to find 42 street lights unlit or flickering – and he says the situation could be improved by a Street Scouting network, a scheme that became a casualty of recent budget cuts.

Councillor Marshall added that reporting issues was made difficult by the absence of identification numbers on many of the columns and that he harboured particular concern over a lack of light next to many road junctions.

“That many of these columns have no visible identification is something that is quite alarming given the fact that councillors are constantly reminding members of the public to report faulty street lighting.

“I was also alarmed at how many lights were out on the approach to junctions.”

Councillor Marshall spent several hours last weekend touring his ward, finding unlit or intermittently lit columns numbering 19 at Burnfoot, five in Wilton Park Road, five at Stirches, five at Silverbuthall, Mayfield and Wellfield, three at Denholm, and one at Appletreehall. He said employing people to regularly monitor lighting and report
any issues could solve the problem.

“I am repeatedly approached by members of the public complaining that they have reported lights out and no one comes to fix them,” he said. “I have asked officials at the council to see if we can make provision in the forthcoming budget for the reinstatement of the Street Scouting programme.”

A council spokesperson said: “Under normal circumstances street lighting repairs are completed within seven working days of being reported.

“Councillor Marshall has reported a number of issues in Hawick and we are working to deal with them.”