Regeneration group’s pavement clean-up

Future Hawick, the town’s regeneration group, has joined forces with Scottish Borders Council in a bid to keep the High Street pavements as clean as possible.

The new initiative, which follows Future Hawick’s recent drive to spruce up several of the more untidy shop frontages on the High Street, has been launched to counter discarded cigarette butts and litter.

Future Hawick chairman Derick Tait commented: “It’s been quite noticeable that the cleanliness of the pavements was deteriorating rapidly, with cigarette ends, dog dirt, and general litter all too prevalent, so we held a meeting with technical services portfolio holder, Councillor Davie Paterson, and neighbourhood services manager Alistair Finnie, and were delighted when Mr Finnie offered to carry out an extensive cleaning of the pavements in the central area of the town.”

Cleaning works took place at the end of October and produced a welcome transformation, said Mr Tait.

He continued: “I walked the High Street after the clean-up and was impressed with the works carried out, although it was disappointing to note the number of discarded cigarette ends outside one national bookmaker’s shop in the space of a couple of days.

“Mr Finnie and his team did a great job for Hawick and it is disappointing to see their efforts spoiled in this way.”

SBC has said it will machine-clean the High Street twice a week and the local regeneration group hopes that townsfolk will play their part in maintaining its cleanliness.

Meanwhile, Future Hawick is also continuing its efforts to tidy up empty shops and trace absentee owners.

Mr Tait added: “We have a dedicated High Street sub-group determined to continue with their good work, despite the rebuffs they have encountered from some of the vacant property owners.

“Meetings have been arranged with council officials who will hopefully be able
to add some leverage to our work when they see the problems.”