Putting green vandals must pay for actions

ON THE last Tuesday of August, a large group of male teenagers played a game of football on the putting green within the Public Park wearing studded football boots.

The surface was torn and badly shredded and large divots could be seen lying all over the putting area.

Three members of the Parks Department spent most of the following morning repairing the damaged areas whilst another took photographs as evidence. This is not the first occasion that this group of youths have played football on the putting area.

When we educate our youth, it is important for them to attain good grades to advance in the future, but regrettably these youths failed miserably on the subject of Common Sense.

Should I ever be in a position to identify any of those responsible, I will not hesitate to telephone the police and inform the council so that they can seek compensation for the damage caused due to the utter stupidity of those concerned.