Punk rockers secure record deal

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LOCAL punk band SPAT have been signed up by a record label – and they have released their first EP.

The breakthrough has been seven years in the making for Hawick duo Haley McAfee and Ainsley Reid, who founded the band back in 2006.

Ainsley said: “We never once lost sight of our dream to bring SPAT into the public’s eye.”

In 2010 they started organising gigs themselves and last October they began holding more regular bands nights, entitled Underground Army, at the Station Bar

Ainsley said: “It eventually took off and we now have a full complement of band members [Ryan Scott on drums and Angie Mima on bass guitar].

“SPAT were able to play regular gigs, inviting punk bands from everywhere in Scotland, England and overseas to come and play in Hawick.”

With the scene quickly building, attention became more focused on SPAT.

And in spring this year Haley and Ainsley were approached by a small DIY record label called Razoredge Records.

They were offered a full signing, which, after a discussion with Ryan and Angie, they accepted.

Their first, long awaited EP, Down & Outs, was recorded at Redeye Studios in Clydebank with the talented George Burton on the mixing desk. Under arrangement from Razoredge records, they went into the studio for the first time and produced an excellent result.

Haley, who designed the artwork for the EP, added: “Razoredge records are drumming up interest from all over the UK, Europe, USA and beyond and are aiming SPAT towards their first album which has been pencilled in for 2014.”