Pulpit View : St Cuthbert’s Church

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Listening to Radio Borders on the Monday before Easter, I was struck by an advert for a competition – ‘You can be a lucky winner at Easter’!

I didn’t enter the competition, but it did make me think.

As humans we all get it wrong from time to time – things we said or did, or didn’t do or say, and we regret afterwards. Things which seemed right at the time, but were not right later on, or which we secretly knew to be wrong at the time. All these separate us from each other and, more importantly, from our loving God who made us.

On the cross on Good Friday Jesus took onto himself all the wrong in the world – everything we’ve done, or had done to us, all the wrong forces in the world, the very worst things that can happen, and he died.

But God raised him up from death, showing that the force of evil has been broken forever. We can be back in the loving relationship with each other and with our God and maker because wrong doesn’t have the last word.

We can all be winners and there’s no lucky chance about it. Thank God.