PSA cry foul over dog mess

A recent home game on the PSA pitch in Burnfoot could not be played until committee members had lifted more than 12 piles of dog mess.

That is grim reality of the town’s constant battle against irresponsible dog owners, who allow their pets to leave their dirt all over the streets and pavements. The Burnfoot sports pitch is the latest to fall victim to the filthy scourge, and the severity of the problem has led to an assurance from Scottish Borders Council that the ground will be specially checked ahead of games next season.

PSA secretary Ian Hair said: “It was the weekend of the Welsh game when we had our first home game for a while, so it was a bit of a mess. It is absolutely gross and us committee members have to go round with bags and pick it all up.”

He added: “There must have been more than 12 that day, there’s just no need. But we’ve told the council and they have said they will send someone up before match days, and that they will moniter the problem.”

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