Production tells the story behind story

Murder, Marple and Me at Tower Mill, Hawick
Murder, Marple and Me at Tower Mill, Hawick
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HEART of Hawick is set to host the critically acclaimed Gilded Balloon presentation of ‘Murder, Marple and Me’.

Margaret Rutherford was made a legend of the screen through her performance of the classic Agatha Christie character Miss Marple, a role she never wanted to take on.

And legendary mystery author Agatha Christie never thought Miss Marple should have been taken to the screen at all, especially not by the comic talent Rutherford.

But the audience is suddenly backstage with Rutherford, about to assay her first outing as Jane Marple. Playing the actress, the author and ‘The Spinster’, award winning actress Janet Prince pulls everyone through the story behind the story.

The performance, which is written by Philip Meeks and directed by Stella Duffy, will take place on Friday, April 12. Tickets, priced £10, are available at the box office. For more information contact 360688.