‘Proactive’ police drive home the message

Community council vice-chair Cameron Knox has praised Police Scotland for their efforts in highlighting road safety at local primary schools, writes Jason Marshall.

Monday night’s community council meeting heard Mr Knox congratulate the local force for their “proactive approach” in light of recent road accidents involving young Borderers.

He added: “Each school was visited [by police] at the start of term, and the officers explained to pupils that a few kids have been knocked over recently in the Borders. The schools also received road safety letters for parents, which I think is a good thing, and these pointed out that the double parking is not to continue.”

PC Phil Moule, who delivered the cops’ road safety message at Trinity school earlier this month, told the meeting: “I don’t want to have to put tickets on cars, but when it comes to three our four kids [being injured],
that’s three or four kids too many.”

n Scottish Borders Council councillor, Alastair Cranston, informed community councillors that he is involved with the “idea of the feasibility of a Borders National Park”.

He continued: “I would stress it’s [a] feasibility [study], it’s not the idea that it’s going to happen. I think it’s something that could actually benefit businesses and the Borders. And I hope that sometime in the near future I will possibly do a report for the community council.”