Praise for councillor’s thriftiness

AFTER reading last week’s Soap Box column I feel Councillor Davie Paterson should be congratulated on his New Year’s resolution to give up “free denners” at St Boswells.

He is also to be commended on the thought he has given to various ways of saving taxpayers’ money.

The present financial crisis, which is causing pain to many, could also be a long overdue reality check. And it is very encouraging to see that politicians, both at local and national level, are showing more respect for the way in which hard-earned taxpayers’ cash is spent!


Vice-convener SNP local branch

I AM sure the regulars, and many others, were saddened at the closure of the Queens Head. It was grand when it opened up and was always very popular.

The pub also got involved in the community and always supported local events and initiatives including the hanging baskets and Christmas lights, both of which help to brighten up the High Street.

It will be a miss and I hope it will not be long before it opens again and that the new tenants are the same kind of folk.


Community councillor

ONE thing that makes me even more furious than this incessant snow, is how everything seems to be getting blamed on the weather.

It appears as though Scottish Borders Council has their ready-made excuse for the amount of time it has taken to fix the James Thomson Bridge. I could be wrong, but I’m sure this closed long before Christmas and it’s still closed off.

The snow was blamed on workmen not being able to come up from England to fix it before Christmas and yet we’re still waiting for it to re-open.

It is a lovely bridge and has become a busy thoroughfare for people avoiding the traffic of the Sandbed to get to and from the High Street.

In an era of spin a cynical person may wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye.

I just wonder what James Thomson would have made of it all.


MAY I, through the courtesy of your columns, offer my sincere congratulations to Gordon Jackson on his MBE in the Queen’s Honours List.

While so-called celebrities and fly-by-night sporting ‘heroes’ are decorated at the drop of a hat, I feel this accolade is what the Honours List should be about – rewarding members of the public for their hard work.

Although obviously fiercely modest, there is no doubt that Mr Jackson deserves his award and it was humbling to read of all his hard work in the community and with the Scottish Ambulance Service in last week’s Hawick News.

I must admit I had never met him before and didn’t know who he was until this year’s Common-Riding and, although I’m not a big follower, I will never forget the look of sheer joy on his face as he rode his horse through the town.

No doubt that same feeling has been experienced by all those who have been helped by the Border Holiday Group and other organisations, which he has been a part of.

Well done Mr Jackson, thoroughly deserved.