Potted history of housing for Rotarians

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President Scott Elliot introduced last week’s speaker, Janice Cambridge, who gave an interesting talk on social housing in the Borders, for which she was previously responsible. She looked back at the history of housing from the 1800s, through to the Housing Act of 1919 which improved conditions after the Great War, to the Second World War which saw much damage in many cities (pictured) and the process had to start over again.

The ‘right to buy’ council homes scheme was introduced in the 1980s and many were sold to sitting tenants at knockdown prices – with the result being that councils stopped building houses and this has resulted in the present-day shortage of houses to let. The latter has been further exacerbated by the recent so-called Bedroom Tax, which has caused political ructions. A lively question-and-discussion session followed, after which past-president George Rennie gave the vote of thanks.

A donation of £100 was made to the local Salvation Army food bank scheme.