Pot holes causing safety concerns

Safety concerns have been expressed over the depth and amount of pot holes on the road at the garages to the rear of McLagan Drive, writes Jason Marshall.

During the public questions spotlight at last Tuesday night’s Burnfoot Community Council meeting, local resident George Logan said the holes are deep and there are a lot of them.

He continued: “Kids on their bikes, say on a [dark] night like tonight, can’t see the holes, their wheels go in the air, and they’re over the handle bars.”

Mr Logan also highlighted a garage with a door missing and a hole in the roof and added that “nobody seems to know who owns it”.

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) councillor, Stuart Marshall, said he was pushing for a site visit with representatives from Scottish Borders Housing Association and Scottish Borders Council’s neighbourhood services team to establish who was responsible for the pot-holed ground and the garage.

He added: “A site visit is the only way that we’ll get it from the horse’s mouth as to what agency owns
what. And once we find this out we can get things moving.”

n The meeting was also told that this year’s Burnfoot Cornet’s Night will take place on May 12 in the school.