Lamonts slams ‘slap-dash’ meeting

John Lamont MSP
John Lamont MSP

Local MSP John Lamont has criticised the organisation of this weekl’s textiles summit after invitations were sent out only three working days beforehand.

The meeting, which is being organised by SNP Finance Minister John Swinney, is due to take place on the Wednesday, but invitations were only sent out on Friday (August 16).

The purpose of the event was to allow those in the textiles industry to let the Scottish Government know about the challenges they are facing. However with such little notice of the meeting being given there are doubts over how useful the discussions will prove to be.

Mr Lamont said: “This proposed summit is already starting to look farcical. This was an opportunity for the many people who work in the textile industry in the Borders to tell the Scottish Government what they could be doing to help. Instead, there has been such short notice given for the meeting that many people will be unable to turn up.

“To only give three working days’ notice gives the impression that this summit is an afterthought for the SNP rather than the priority it should have been. We have known about the Cabinet meeting coming to Hawick for months and yet this summit appears to have been hastily arranged at the last minute. Why were we not told about the summit when it was announced that the Cabinet was coming to the Borders?”

“I am sure that many people who would want to be there will now be unable to attend due to having insufficient notice. This will only serve to make the summit poorer as it will be unable to draw from all of the wealth of experience and expertise that we have in the Borders.”

The Tory member added: “The Finance Minister admits himself in the invitation that it is short notice, yet he is still choosing to go ahead with it. If the SNP want to show that they are taking us seriously in the Borders they have to stop this slap-dash approach to organising these meetings.”