Polish School ensures new Teries not lost in translation

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Hawick’s Polish School for children has celebrated its two-year anniversary.

And with the Saturday school regularly attracting 50 children, including a minibus from Galashiels, plans have also been launched for pupils to sit a GCSE in Polish as a Modern Foreign Language.

Since its inception at Hawick High School in 2013, the school has grown in size and popularity as it strives to ensure youngsters can read and write in their native language.

Project manager Dr Beata Kohlbek says it is a vital addition to the community of Hawick.

“We don’t want Polish children, who now feel more Scottish, to lose the skill of reading and writing, as it’s a difficult language.”

The success of the school was recently marked with an open day, which welcomed Polish pianist Marcin Dominik Gluch as a special guest, who stated afterwards: “Not everywhere the Polish communities are as involved and proactive as here in Hawick.”

One parent added: “The school is a great help because we have no time or resources to teach our children how to read and write in Polish, we only speak the language.”