Police step up to doorstep crime

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Police in the Borders are working alongside partner agencies and local communities this week to tackle doorstep crime as part of a national campaign.

Earlier this year, Police Scotland launched Operation Monarda, which targets bogus workmen, rogue traders and cold callers operating across the country.

Local officers are carrying out a number of events in the area to provide homeowners with useful advice on how they can avoid being targeted by scammers as well as offer a contact point where members of the public can raise their concerns.

The campaign is being supported by local partners and Scottish Borders Council Trading Standards who will provide advice and information in relation to door step crime. They have a wide range of information and advice on their website at www.scotborders.gov.uk/info/264/trading_standards.

On Monday, September 28, local officers attended at an event held by Age Scotland, where volunteers were given advice and information on Operation Mondarda, this will then be taken out to local groups across the Borders.

Today (Thursday October 1), PC Howgego, Community Officer in Kelso, is attending the Kelso Womens Together group to give some input on bogus callers and crime prevention.

On Sunday October 4, PC Changleng will be visiting the Celebrate Silver Sunday event at Langlee Community Centre, to provide advice and information on the campaign.

A day of actions will be carried out tomorrow (Friday October 2) in conjunction with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

Commenting ahead of next week’s activity, Inspector John Scott of Police Scotland, said: “Doorstep crime is an ongoing problem which impacts on families and homes across the Scottish Borders and Scotland.

“It is an unfortunate fact that many of the victims targeted by bogus callers are elderly and we are committed to doing all we can to trace and arrest those responsible, this type of crime has real impact in the Borders and we are encouraging members of the community to look out for neighbours and be prepared to challenge those who are working in gardens or are cold calling at doors. Genuine businesses will be willing to provide identification and information on the type of work they are doing

“Operation Monarda was set-up to help tackle this issue and to offer advice and assistance to anyone who needs it.

“We are working alongside our relevant partners to identify those involved in offences of this nature and bring them to justice.

“We will not tolerate any criminal activity, which deliberately targets the vulnerable members of our communities. Anyone involved in this behaviour can expect to be robustly dealt with by Police Scotland.

“We would encourage communities to consider setting up No Cold Caller Zones which have proved very successful across the Borders in preventing this type of crime”.