Police set to renew illegal parking blitz

Hawick police are to clamp down on illegal parking.
Hawick police are to clamp down on illegal parking.

Police are to continue the crackdown on illegal parking in the town.

This was revealed at Monday night’s community council meeting in the town hall where once again parking and antisocial driving was a hot topic.

The attending police officer revealed that officers were set to blitz parking hot spots in a bid to thwart illegal parking.

The revelation came during the monthly police report and was welcomed by community councillors.

The police officer said that although he was unable to give specific details about where the action would be stepped up, he said that those who park illegally in the town risked being ticketed.

Councillor George Turnbull said illegal parking was something each Hawick councillor received complaints about, and while he welcomed the news of a further crackdown, he said part of the
solution lay with shop-

Mr Turnbull said: “The council has been asked to conduct a review of the one-way traffic system in the town as shopkeepers are concerned that it is going the wrong way.

“Well that’s a bit rich if you ask me. We hear from traders that folk can’t get stopped outside their shops but when you consider that several shopkeepers, and we all know who they are, continually park outside their shops and nothing is done about it. It’s ridiculous and not acceptable for them to complain about it when they are the reason folk can’t get stopped.”

A clearly angry Mr Turnbull added: “Some of these shopkeepers have more
front than Brighton I can tell you.”

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Watson McAteer said: “It is increasingly obvious that enforcement activity, beyond that carried out by the police, for matters such as dog fouling or illegal parking is necessary.

“We urgently need to find a way that would support the police and add another arm to take action against those who have no concern for the law or their neighbours.”