Police look for residents’ help in crackdown on criminals

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POLICE in Burnfoot are appealing to residents for more help in catching criminals.

Referring in particular to motorcycles and quad bikes being driven around the Sleepy Valley area, PC Steven Sutherland said: “We’re still receiving calls about this, but the information we’re getting is quite sketchy.

“We are under no illusion that they know who it is, but we’re not getting enough information.

“By the time we get there they’re gone.”

Concerns were also raised by Queens Drive resident Brian Donald over children playing on the school roof.

He said: “They’re there every day and often they kick the football up there deliberately so they have to go up. I’ve seen them throwing stones at the windows as well, who knows what’s going to happen when the dark nights come in.”

PC Sutherland said: “The CCTV at the school is working but it’s not picking up clearly enough to give us their faces.

“Now the darker nights are coming in it’s going to be less effective.”