Police delay warden axe for a month

Plans to scrap the town’s sole traffic warden have been delayed for a month.

And Police Scotland say they are in ongoing discussions with the council to find a way forward in a bid to minimise disruption to the public.

But there is growing concern for both public safety and the adverse effect rogue parking will have on local businesses.

Councillor Stuart Marshall (pictured) not only fears the impact on local traders but also has safety concerns: “To lose our traffic warden service will be a hammer blow for the community.

“Safety is a real issue here and I think that without a traffic warden in Hawick it may not be long before there is a steep rise in accidents.

“I also think that it may have an impact on the traders along our High Street as people will just park up and leave their vehicles and this, in turn, may deter
people from stopping and shopping.”

The Hawick and Denholm representative added that Police Scotland should allow the council a reasonable amount of time to find the resources to manage the likely changes.

While welcoming the month-long delay, Councillor Davie Paterson is fearful that inconsiderate and indiscriminate parking may lead to a fatality.

Speaking to the Hawick News yesterday (Thursday), Mr Paterson said: “I have seen some very dangerous parking in the town, especially outside schools. I am worried that this may lead to someone being seriously injured or killed.

“This needs to be sorted out. I am also worried that it may lead to the closure of some smaller shops in the Howegate, for example, who rely on a quick turnover of cars, people parking up and nipping into the shops and away again.”

In a statement to the Hawick News, Borders Divisional Commander Andy Clark said: “Responsibility for enforcing on-street parking will no longer be handled by the police. However, officers will continue to respond whenever a vehicle is parked in a dangerous and obstructive manner.

“A consultation process in relation to the deployment of our resources closed on October 31st and we are now working through all of the comments and information we received during this time.”