Police crackdown to curb rogue parking

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Police in the town are clamping down on illegal parking and have issued 31 parking fines in the last month.

The majority of the tickets have been handed out in the last 10 days and police are warning that they will continue to target those who flout parking laws.

The figures were revealed at Monday night’s meeting of Hawick Community Council in the Lesser Town Hall, and one member is thrilled that police are taking action.

Speaking this week, Community Councillor Jim Little said: “I am delighted to hear that the police are targetting illegal parking. When the traffic warden finished I was concerned that there would be an increase in parking problems, so I am glad that the police are dealing with this. If this gets into the pages of the local press and people get to know that the police are handing out tickets they might think twice about taking a chance.”

And Hawick and Hermitage member George Turnbull agreed: “I am pleased that the police are being proactive in this. It is reassuring to know that those who think they can park illegally are being dealt with.”

Other councillors expressed concerns over parking issues in Oliver Place and at Teviot Medical Practice which may obstruct vehicles collecting and dropping off patients.

The police representative told Monday’s meeting that illegal parking is seen as a priority, potential problem areas will be patrolled regularly and they will continue to ticket offenders.