Police charge teenagers after night of vandalism

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A HIGH Street businessman has hit out at teenage vandals who smashed his shop window.

Nick Powolny (pictured) was called to Brydon’s Bakery and Restaurant on Saturday night at around 11pm to survey the damage, which is estimated will cost £400 to repair.

He said: “Our insurance excess is £350 so there’s no real point in claiming as our premium would just go up.

“It’s a real slap in the face after all the work we do in the community.

“In the last four weeks we’ve sponsored the Vertish Hill Sports, Dougie Rae’s walk and the Mosstroopers’ Three Peaks Challenge.

“And then something like this happens. We’re absolutely gutted.”

The three youths believed to be responsible for the vandalism were caught by police later in the evening breaking into the former social work premises in Lothian Street.

A report has been submitted to the juvenile system.