Police can’t provide Hawick crime stats

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Police Scotland conceded this week that crime solvency figures for the local area forum ward are not available on their website, writes Colin Purvis.

Three weeks after the Hawick News revealed crime solvency rates for the two Hawick wards of 45 per cent, Polce Scotland announced that the solvency figures were being dropped from the monthly area forum reports.

And when asked where the public could access the clear-up stats, Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland analysts supply quarterly crime statistics, which include solvency rates, to the Police & Fire Scrutiny Board. These statistics are all made public and can be obtained via the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) website.”

But as reported in last week’s paper, the police authority website did not contain the statistics relating to crime solvency.

This week, following a further requests for Teviot and Liddesdale figures, police conceded: “As we are duty bound to report at local authority level, we are unable to routinely provide figures at a more local level.”

Councillor Watson McAteer says we should all be concerned: “The admission by Police Scotland that they don’t and will not routinely publish crime and incident figure for local areas like Hawick should be a cause of great concern. Incredibly this action is being taken at a time when they are making a plea to hear public concerns but it looks like the outcomes will be selective.

“The message is loud and clear: local folk want to know what is happening in their community and how effective police are at ensuring our safety. This lack of transparency disguised as either a technology or manpower-related problem is hardly a ringing endorsement for national policing.”