Police advice to help end festive season safely

HAWICK’S police boss has urged revellers to watch their alcohol intake and stay safe during the New Year celebrations.

Inspector Carol Wood says that although officers have had an increased visible presence throughout the festive period, that townsfolk should still take their own precautions – especially if returning to work the day after a party.

She told the Hawick News: “If out socialising, remember you may still be over the limit to drive in the morning. Bear this in mind and stop drinking earlier or make alternative arrangements for getting to work.”

The inspector has also advised that pelople should plan ahead; make arrangements for getting home, stay with friends and look after each other, as well as watch drinks and how much has been consumed. She added: “Keep your bags and valuables with you at all times. We would also advise that you ensure your phone is fully charged and you have enough money for a taxi home.”