‘Pointing the finger at youngsters getting out of hand’

In response to all three letters in last week’s newspaper, I would strongly advise the people who wrote in to read my article carefully. I didn’t state it wasn’t boy racers, I said it wasn’t just boy racers. I didn’t once say they were in the right. I just said that I think shifting the blame constantly onto boy racers is a bit unfair.

I also didn’t say it was the police and council’s fault. What I did say was that the comments from both public figures were unfair. And yes it is Commercial Road that is the problem because there have been 16 articles in the Hawick News in the past year about boy racers that mentioned Commercial Road.

I set up my business in Hawick because the town that I, too, am proud of is where young folk were being accused of graffiti and vandalism. And it’s not the case. I love Hawick but this pointing the finger at youngsters is getting out of hand. I didn’t say I was interested in “mud slinging”. However, when the mud is being flung in youngsters’ faces all the time, then that’s when I think it becomes a joke.

I don’t feel that Hawick is the “land time forgot”. However, I do feel when it comes to “positivity”, then don’t you think instead of being negative towards young people constantly, it’s time to make them feel positive? I’m not for one second saying that all youngsters are well behaved but for some reason anything that goes wrong in Hawick seems to be blamed on youngsters.

And as for the “Cloud Cuckoo Land” remark, it was completely out of turn and immature. I don’t live in “Cloud Cuckoo Land”, as I know exactly what I’m doing and I know what I do for this community. My dance group is currently in a competition to represent Hawick in front of the royal family in London, so if that is me in “Cloud Cuckoo Land”, then I don’t want to come down.

I am sorry for any offence I caused, however, my letter was merely in defence of youngsters and not in defence of any car driver in Hawick.