Plenty fun still to be had at ride-out, but trouble-makers get warning

“We are quite happy to have the ride-out and everyone can pile in, as long as we don’t have the same problems as last year”.

That is the message this week from the chairman of Denholm Feuars’ and Householders’ Council as the finishing touches are put to tomorrow’s event – with several new measures in place to avoid problems caused by antisocial behaviour last year.

Chairman Sid Huddart said: “Extensive planning has gone into the day and everything is in place. The whole village wants it to go well and for everyone to enjoy themselves. We just hope people are responsible and that we don’t get a minority who spoil it for everyone else again. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes well.”

New rules – agreed by villagers as part of a public vote held earlier this year which gave the ride-out the go-ahead – include no gazebos on the Green before 8am and only in designated areas, no parking around the Green, and cars away by 8pm. Mr Huddart added: “We don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun but it’s the way it has to be for the safety of everyone.”

There will be six police officers present, as well as four community wardens who will be joining the police patrols. The police are also sending a mobile CCTV unit to park on the Green, and have urged revellers to be responsible.

Inspector Paula Clark said: “We want to ensure that people enjoy themselves and do so safely and with consideration. Unfortunately there are a few individuals who cause anxiety for villagers – we won’t tolerate people using backstreets or peoples’ gardens for toilets or for dumping litter. There are facilities to cater for both these things.”

The police boss has also urged anyone walking to and from the ride-out to make sure that they can be seen, and walk towards the oncoming traffic.

The Feuars chairman has also pointed out that owing to the size of the event they expect to run at a financial loss – the £5 car charge not covering expenses including toilets, bands, gifts, refuse and entertainments license. As a result, those walking onto the Green will be asked to donate £1. He commented: “It will help towards our very tight budget.”

And with the weather forecast picking up, he added: “There is no bad feeling in the village, lots of people here are planning parties and we all want it to be a success. We wish everyone a great day.”

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