Pledge to save twin town association

THE community council has vowed to try and stop the demise of the beleaguered Hawick Twinning Association.

The pledge of help was given this week after the association had reported at a previous meeting that it was on the brink of collapse due to a lack of interest, and that after four decades the bond with the French town of Bailleul had almost disappeared.

But on Tuesday night it was agreed that the community council would help finally establish whether or not townsfolk wished to remain twinned with Bailleul.

Chairman John Hope said: “We would like to give what help we can and work with you. If a sub-committee could meet with yourselves, we could take this forward. There is a feeling in the town that people want to keep this going, but we have to explore that.”

Kirsty James, a stalwart of the association, stated: “I’m more than happy with that if the community council would like to work with us.”