Plea to countryside-lovers over ‘unacceptable’ wind farm

THERE can be few people who have travelled ‘The hill road to Roberton’ that have not been impressed by the wild beauty of the landscape.

Whether by car, bicycle, horseback or on foot, it is a pleasure all the way as the lovely little road winds its way over the hill from Ashkirk to Shielswood, Leap Linns, Whitslade and Blawearie.

We are lucky to have such glorious countryside on our doorstep. Sadly the area is now under threat by wind farm development.

One wind farm has already been approved on Langhope Rig and construction will start soon. There is now an application for another wind farm on neighbouring Barrel Law at Whitslade.

I do not believe another wind farm in the area is at all acceptable. This spread of wind farms across our hills has totally destroyed some parts of the Borders and we must not allow it to happen here.

It is important that those who love our countryside and do not want to see this lovely unspoiled area destroyed by the industrial sprawl of wind turbines should lodge their objection with Scottish Borders Council before the end of March.