Plea goes out for resurfacing of road at Bonchester Bridge

Hawick councillor Stuart Marshall at Bonchester Bridge.
Hawick councillor Stuart Marshall at Bonchester Bridge.

A plea is going out for the road surface at Bonchester Bridge to be relaid over fears it is unsafe.

That call is being made by Hawick and Denholm councillor Stuart Marshall following two recent road accidents in the village.

Concerns were raised at a recent site visit to the area, attended by council and community representatives, and now it is hoped the work can be included in Scottish Border Council’s planned roadworks for the next financial year.

Mr Marshall has pledged to continue to press for the work to be carried out on the road, used by scores of heavy goods vehicles daily.

He said: “The issue over the safety of the bridge at Bonchester is one that has been raised by several residents in recent weeks, and the matter is also frequently high on the agenda at meetings of Hobkirk Community Council.

“The main issue is the fact that the anti-skid surface has all but disappeared, and the approach from the south is very steep indeed.

“I am told that to replace this type of surface is quite complex and expensive and, if approved, the bridge would require a total resurface .

“With several accidents on the bridge in recent months and two where vehicles have allegedly struck a wooden fence adjacent to the bridge, then, for me, such statistics speak for themselves, and we really do need to see how we as a council can get this issue moved higher up the priority list.

“I was delighted when a recent site visit took place with residents, community councillors and Scottish Borders Council roads officials, and it was revealed that this matter will now be put forward for consideration to be included in the council’s planned works for 2017-18.

“While there are no guarantees and no timescales set, I, for one, will continue to press that this bridge receives the attention it deserves.”

A council spokesman said: “Officers recently met with Mr Marshall and a representative of the local community council to discuss concerns relating to the carriageway surface at Bonchester Bridge.

“No decision was taken at the meeting, but it was confirmed that the section of the carriageway concerned is being considered for inclusion within further planned work programmes.”