Player coercion would be ‘direct insult’

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I was intrigued to read the letter in last week’s ‘News’ signed by both Rory Bannerman and Phil Leck who appeared to be worried about a rumour circulating that Hawick RFC would not pick players from the Linden or the Quins and, of course, they have both refuted this.

However, much more perturbing is what appears to be much more than a rumour that players are being “directed” to the YM if they want to have a better chance of being picked for Hawick RFC.

It is indeed common knowledge that the SRU have been doing this for the last few years and I would not expect anything better from them, but for anyone associated with Hawick RFC to do so, if this is the case, is a direct insult to the committees and players of both the Linden and Quins, both of whom fought so hard last season to gain a well-deserved promotion.

It got much worse when I came to the back page of the ‘News’ to discover that the YM have appointed a coach from Manchester who just happens to be a close friend of the Hawick coach, and to discover that the YM have recruited 15 players from the Wanderers and the PSA, while none have gone to either the Linden or Quins.

Is this just a coincidence or could it be that these players have been coerced into making their choice of club?

We have already lost the Trades and if the Linden and Quins are to be denied players then their future is distinctly bleak, and if either were to go the same way as the Trades I wonder who we would blame and what harm would it do to rugby in Hawick as there would then be considerably less players playing and therefore less available for Hawick RFC, which is not what anyone with any sense would wish for, and certainly goes against the SRU desire to have more people playing the game.