Plans mooted for no calling zone

BURNFOOT Community Council is to investigate making the estate a ‘No Cold Calling’ zone.

The item was raised at a meeting this week by community councillor Michael Grieve who called on residents to give bogus callers the cold shoulder.

He said: “I think it’s something that should be considered as they’re a real nuisance.

“I’ve seen me recently having to tell one man to leave in no uncertain terms and I was as polite as I could possibly be, but they’re a pest.”

A No Cold Calling zone is an area with signs put up making it clear cold callers are not welcome and with residents ready to refuse entry to any unexpected callers. If cold callers go into the area, police will contact them later and explain they are not welcome, although most bogus callers adhere to the signs.

PC Justin Hulford, community projects officer at Lothian and Borders Police, explained: “Zones are all about communities working together to keep themselves safe from criminals that call door to door offering work that is not required, overpriced, not completed or completed to a poor level of quality.”

A successful pilot scheme was launched in Coldstream, Hutton, Paxton, Swinton and Ayton earlier this year.

Community council chairman Richard Knight said: “It’s something we can look into.”