Plans aired for future of day centre

RUMOURS that Deanfield Day Centre is closing have been confused with plans to for it to be moved to better premises.

That is the reassurance given by Scottish Borders Council’s head of social care and health, following concerns raised by local member Davie Paterson.

But explaining that the Roadhead facility is next in line for improvements as part of a region-wide review, Elaine Torrance, told the Hawick News: “As part of the Transforming Older People’s Services, we aim to start an upgrade of Deanfield Care Home in 2013.

“This will include a plan for a broader range of services which will see older people supported in a variety of ways. But in terms of the day centre, which is well regarded in the town, the building is not fit for that purpose and we are looking to utilitise the space in a different way. We aim to seek new premises for day care, and need to look at all the available options.”

Mrs Torrance said there will be full discussion but that it is too early to provide any details. “Deanfield Day Centre will be staying where it is until we can say where best to relocate to.”

Councillor Davie Paterson commented: “I heard last week that it was to close, but I’m pleased there is hopefully going to be a replacement.

“I do have concerns about where the folk are going to go, but hope we end up with something the same or better.”