Philatelists’ ‘B’ themed night

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One of the most well-supported Stamp Club nights is when it’s a theme devoted to a letter of the alphabet and the latest was ‘B’.

Of course, some letter are more difficult, but not on this occasion: British stamps being the most on display. As well as many issues from past years, there were those featuring bumble bees, the Welsh bible, stamps of the four Home Countries, those issued in booklets, the well-known twopenny blues of 1840-41 and Buckingham Palace postmarks.

From other countries there was a specialised study of the 1884-1900 Berline Private Posts and 1970s stamps for the city, Belgium 1915-1922, Burma 1937, Bahamas 1884, Borneo 1894, Brunei 1907, Barbados 1855 onwards and birds and buses featured on the stamps of Malta.

Among the postcards put forward for the theme was a series featuring images of the First World War by the British cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather, modern cards of Bulgaria and an early 20th-century selection to and from ‘B’ places such as Budapest, Bayern, Bogorodsky (Russia), Bardocz (Hungary) and Brasov (Romania).