Peter Scott looking to build for the future

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PETER Scott is looking to boost its workforce by 20.

Although the recruitment will be carried out on a phased basis, it comes as the Buccleuch Road mill continues to go from strength to strength, since being taken over by Gloverall Plc last July, part of the Eland group based in South Korea.

And it is in stark contrast to almost 12 months ago when the company was placed into administration, with the loss of around 150 jobs.

Managing director Daniel Kim said that, from an initial workforce of just 15, they are expecting to have 70-plus employees in the future.

He said: “Today we have a staff of around 50, but we are planning on running our operation with a workforce of around 70, so we are looking to recruit around 20 more people on the factory side.”

Due to the time of the takeover, the company missed the chance for orders in the spring/summer range and an initial order of 21,000 units was placed by parent company Eland in China.

That saw the Peter Scott brand sold in the Far East in some of the most famous ‘high-end’ department stores in China.

And while wholesale orders are continuing to grow, factory manager Graeme Renwick explained that there is always potential for Eland to step in.

He said: “I think the aim is that we don’t have to rely or need the business from China.

“They see the Made in Scotland label and it’s good for them to sell and promote across China. But I think they’d be quite happy if we said we were full and we couldn’t do any work for them.

“If we have gaps in capacity over the year then they’ll be there to fill them.”

The factory, which has seen a radical change in layout to improve efficiency, has been running at almost maximum capacity lately as the company has been working on their stock service.

And with more than 100,000 units expected to be ordered for their autumn/winter collection, Mr Kim admitted they may have to look outwith to get all the work done.

He said: “The worrying thing is capacity and we may not be able to complete our orders ourselves, so we will have to look at how we solve that problem and look for some very good outsourcing.”