Peter Scott aiming to ‘secure future for majority of workers’

Peter Scott's Buccleuch Street mill
Peter Scott's Buccleuch Street mill

Peter Scott & Co has contacted the Hawick News about a story we published last week which the firm says was “inaccurate”.

The paper was told by a source that the jobs axe had fallen at the Buccleuch Street mill, stating that two voluntary redundancies had been granted, four workers had resigned, and four more were “at risk”.

Although operations manager Alistair Young did not confirm how many employees had left the factory, he said: “While we have had to review our workforce, we have been able to keep redundancies to a voluntary basis in our production plant. We have also recently carried out a similar exercise to our business support functions, putting a small number of positions at risk.”

Mr Young says one worker has accepted an alternative post, making the impact to overall numbers minimal. He added: “While this is regrettable, it is our aim to ensure a secure future for the majority of our workforce. We do not expect any further changes in the short to medium term.”

And in reference to our story last week which stated that the firm had transferred much of its manufacturing to Bulgaria, Mr Young said this was “totally inaccurate”.

He added: “Peter Scott and private labelled business are all made in Hawick and have been since the reopening in 2010. We have in the past outsourced for our parent companies’ private label business but only when we have insufficient capacity in Hawick.

“Our intention is, and always will be, to maintain manufacturing here before outsourcing.”