Peter Learmonth: teacher known to every teenager

Peter Learmonth, whose death was announced recently, came to Hawick High School in 1980 and served as assistant head teacher and latterly as a depute head teacher until
his retirement in April

His remit for most of that time was as head of middle school, responsible for all aspects of the education of
third and fourth-year

Throughout that 27-year period, he was known to every teenager in the town.

Peter began his career in education as a teacher of chemistry.

However, his position in the middle school covered the curriculum, examinations, careers guidance, pastoral matters and discipline, and he thrived in the range and complexity of those.

He also dealt with pupils
in a particularly friendly and understanding way, and their appreciation and respect for him has been shown in the Facebook comments posted since his death.

He brought a strong presence to the school, physically robust and always visible in corridors and playgrounds.

The deterioration in his health, therefore, so marked and so rapid after
his retirement, gave great
concern to his former colleagues.

Staff and pupils alike had seen Peter as someone to go to for advice and support. And it became difficult for them to witness the transformation, which has led to his passing when he had only just turned 69.

Peter, who died on May 3, leaves his wife Jessie and their family Charlotte, Adam and Keith.

His funeral took place at Borders Crematorium last Friday.

­– RS