Pet safety concerns at Wilton Lodge Park allayed

RUMOURS that dogs have been poisoned after walking in the park have been dismissed, writes Sarah Williamson.

It has been widely speculated this week that several dogs had become ill – and was even stated on the social networking site Facebook that between three and eight pets had died after consuming either poisoned bread or meat from Wilton Lodge Park.

But after enquiries into the matter, the Hawick News can report that none of the local officials who would have been involved in such circumstances were aware of any such incidents.

Local vet Andrew Robinson told the Hawick News: “We have had a busy Christmas period but certainly not seen any cases of dogs being poisoned, and I have checked with all our vets. Dogs may have been taken to another practice, but I am sure we would have heard.”

And further adding to the mystery, a police spokesperson commented: “We have not received any reports of this nature and are not aware of any problems with dogs. There is nothing in our system to suggest this has happened.”

It was also suggested on Facebook that a sign warning dog owners had appeared on the park gates, but a council spokesman confirmed that they had taken no such measures.

They added: “We have not been made aware of any incidents of poisoning in Wilton Lodge Park.”