Hawick Cornet Gareth humbled to lead first rideouts

Gareth Renwick ready to lead his first rideout as Hawick Cornet.
Gareth Renwick ready to lead his first rideout as Hawick Cornet.

Glorious sunshine got new Hawick Cornet Gareth Renwick’s twice-weekly timetable of rideouts off to a perfect start on Saturday.

The 22-year-old, appointed a week ago yesterday, took his place at the front of the cavalcade for the first time and said it was “an amazing feeling” to lead his followers to Bonchester Bridge on Saturday.

“It was just a brilliant buzz coming out of Backdamgate round Towerknowe where everyone was standing,” Gareth said. “Everyone was cheering, and it was a really good day, so we had loads of support. It was a great feeling.were loads of barins, older people and families out and it’s great to see that.”

And while the cavalcade cooled off with picnics and refreshments at Bonchester, the principals visited residents along the road at the village’s care home.

“We had a sing-song with the folk in Weems Care Home, which was really humbling,” Gareth added.

“They are all so chuffed to see you and, for a lot of them, that is their common riding.

“It’s a side of the common riding I have never seen before, and it’s a really nice part.”

Tuesday afternoon rideout to Cogsmill followed.

Gareth added: “We got a wee drizzle but nothing to worry about and if that’s as bad as it gets over the next few weeks I will have nothing to complain about. Obviously more people are at work through the week but there’s still a lot of people out to see the ride in and out. It’s nice that everybody does that.

“It was a different atmosphere for Cogsmill, a bit more relaxed. We have a lovely meal at Cogsmill Hall and all the riders came in for refreshments.”

Looking ahead to this Saturday’s visit to Roberton, Gareth said: “That’s my favourite one. I’ve never missed a Roberton rideout so I can’t wait for that.”

The horses leave Backdamgate at 1pm, arriving at Roberton at 3.15pm. Leaving at 5.15pm, the cavalcade will be back at Hawick Moor at 7.20pm and Tower Knowe at 8pm.

The next rideout to Lilliesleaf follows on Tuesday, leaving Backdamgate at 2pm and arriving at 4pm. The horses head back at 6pm and will return to Tower Knowe at 8pm.