Pensioners’ lunch club joins drive for change in free travel scheme

A GROUP of local OAPs have thrown their weight behind a campaign to tackle isolation among the elderly due to a lack of access to bus services.

Twenty-five members of
Hawick Senior Citizen’s Lunch Club have signed the Still Waiting petition, which calls on the Scottish Government to change the National Concessionary Travel scheme so that the free bus pass for older people can be used on community transport services.

HSCA secretary Ena Morrison told the Hawick News: “I have to use a taxi to do my shopping because it’s too difficult for me to walk to and from the bus stops carrying shopping bags.

“Quite a few club members have to use a taxi to get to the Evergreen Hall where we meet because the bus routes don’t go near enough to the hall and some members find it difficult walking.

Local Age Scotland development officer Morag Halliday added: “Changing the bus pass scheme will really help Hawick folk who use, and currently pay for, the community transport services that step in to help where mainstream bus services are unavailable or unsuitable. It will also encourage the expansion of community transport so that more people in the Hawick area will be able to benefit.”

Teries can sign the Still
Waiting petition at www.age