Pensioners in insurance claim battle with RBS

An elderly couple claim to have been left £450 out of pocket after they were forced to cancel a holiday to Spain.

Brian and Helen Ford, of Slitrig Crescent, are battling banking giant RBS, which provided insurance for their planned trip to Benidorm.

The pair had to cancel unthe trip unexpectedly in January due to Helen being told that she needed a hip replacement.

But RBS says that Helen had a “pre-existing medical condition” which the couple did not declare when appyling for their insurance.

Brian is furious and maintains that Helen was fit to fly when they booked their holiday in December, and the Hawick News has seen a letter from Mrs Ford’s doctor confirming that.

Talking to the Hawick News this week, Brian, 79, said: “Helen got an x-ray in November after breaking her hip in July, and it said everything had healed up fine. And the doctor reported that.

“She was on painkillers, but they weren’t for her hip, as she was being treated for sciatica at the time.”

Brian and Helen, 74, who had enjoyed a holiday in Benidorm in October, booked up again in December for a 13-day stay in
April, with Helen seemingly well on the road to recovery.

Brian, a retired frame worker, continued: “In January, Helen was in pain again, and she was given another x-ray, which discovered that things weren’t quite right and she would need a hip replacement, so we had to cancel everything.

“But there was no way we could have predicted the results of Helen’s scan, and we booked in good faith.

“Our hotel paid our money back without any questions, and RBS initially said they were going to pay the £450 for our flights, but two weeks later, they contacted me again to say that they had declined our claim.

Brian added: “We are both pensioners, and if I was asked a question, they would have got the truth. It would be silly not to tell the truth.”

An RBS spokesperson told the Hawick News yesterday (Thursday): “We sympathise with Mr and Mrs Ford.

“However, the claim was declined due to the non-disclosure of a pre-existing medical condition.”