Pensioner provides help to victims of Syrian war

Peter Dinen from Hawick medical supplies to Syria.
Peter Dinen from Hawick medical supplies to Syria.

A HAWICK pensioner is putting his own health struggles to one side as he offers help to the people of Syria.

Peter Dinan barely leaves his home due to the constant pain of myalgic encephalopathy – better known as ME – which has affected him most of his life.

But the 66-year-old is determined to help the people of Syria by sending boxes of basic medicines which are so badly needed.

The World Health Organisation estimates that Syrian pharmaceutical factories have had to vastly reduce their production because of insufficient supplies during the conflict. As a result, a black market has emerged, with some pharmacies 40 per cent down on their usual stocks.

However, Peter, with help from Crosby chemists, has joined up with charity Hand in Hand for Syria to provide vital medical assistance.

He said: “Watching the TV reports, you have a pretty unusual situation whereby a government is bombing its own people.

“What really struck me from the reports was that families were very often being bombed out of their homes, in particular women with their young children, who had often seen the man of the family shot by the army. We hear many are forced to camp in sheds, flimsy tents or outbuildings, often without heating or winter clothing.”

Peter was diagnosed with ME at the age of 21.

Anyone wishing to contribute – with supplies needed including paracetamol, ibuprofen, cotton wool and baby supplies – can do so by dropping them into Crosby chemists, whom Peter thanked for their assistance.