Pensioner pens her second novel

A DENHOLM pensioner has published her third novel.

Betty Hogg, who has lived in the village for more than half a century, wrote the book after encouraging feedback and sales from her debut three years ago.

‘Web of Intrigue’ caused a stir through the Borders literary community with its raunchy scenes, and Betty says there is more to come.

Her new book, entitled ‘The Wood’, is a fictional story set in the Scottish countryside during World War Two. It is a story of love, passion, family, social taboos and murder.

Betty, who writes all her prose in longhand, before typing them up, said: “I don’t have a routine or a special way of writing, all I do is just sit down and let the story flow out of me.”

The story takes place mainly around a farm and although raised on a farm herself, Betty insists the book is not autobiographical. “I was brought up in the country and that’s why I used that setting but the characters aren’t based on anyone”, she said.

Betty, who thinks this book is better than her first, added: “It is a little saucy in bits but people should know by now we weren’t all just left under a gooseberry bush.”

‘The Wood’ is on sale at Deans & Simpsons as well as From Me to You in Jedburgh, McGregor’s bookshop in Kelso and the Old Bakery in Denholm.