Payback order for man who went ‘berserk’ in Newcastleton

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AFTER leaving a long-term relationship for a new partner, Sean Lamont became threatening and abusive when his new girlfriend ended their liaison.

Lamont, 39, of Loanwath Road, Gretna, admitted shouting and swearing, attempting to enter a house, and pushing items on to the floor, at South Hermitage Street, Newcastleton, on October 18.

“He had a three-month relationship with the complainer,” explained depute fiscal Kate McGarvey, “and she ended it, and repeatedly told the accused that it was over, but he appeared not to accept this.

“His behaviour after that, scared her,” added Ms McGarvey.

Ms McGarvey said Lamont turned up at the house, saying he wanted to speak to the woman.

“He put his foot in the door, and tried to intimidate her, but she wouldn’t let him inside,” explained Ms McGarvey.

Lamont returned, and tried to climb through a kitchen window, which was open, pushing items off the window ledge.

He was described as “going berserk.”

When he heard the woman’s telephone ringing, Lamont “panicked and ran off.

“Her phone went dead and the phone line had been ripped out,” continued Ms McGarvey.

“She is petrified of the accused,” she added.

Defence solicitor Ross Dow told Jedburgh Sheriff Court that his client had just broken up with the woman and “emotions were high.

“He is first to accept that he could have dealt with this better,” said Mr Dow, “and recognizes that his behaviour was wholly unnecessary.

“He has now reconciled with his long-term partner of 15 years, having previously moved out to begin a new relationship with the complainer, which lasted only three months,” he concluded.

Lamont was sentenced to a 12-month Community Payback Order, with a condition he completes 100 hours of unpaid work.