Pause placed on plan for new CCTV system

A PROPOSAL to plough thousands of pounds into a brand new CCTV system for the town centre has been put on hold.

The plan was put forward by Councillor Stuart Marshall and backed by fellow ward member Zandra Elliot.

There is currently £19,000 left in the council’s Small Schemes budget, which can be used up until the end of the financial year.

And Councillor Marshall called on that money to help fund new cameras for the High Street and Sandbed.

Councillor Marshall said: “We’ve had the chemists, the health centre and two newsagents broken into, Brydon’s’ window smashed and other criminal activity in the last few months.

“It would be great if we could commit the rest of this money to bring our CCTV system up to scratch.

“Businesses would feel more secure and the public would feel a lot safer.”

Concerns have been raised over how effective the town’s CCTV is, with complaints over poor picture quality. But Councillor Marshall suggested similar cameras to the two erected at the Horse Monument earlier this year would greatly improve the situation.

He said: “It’s going to be very difficult to find money for the CCTV through any other sources and it’s proved it can work.”

However, Councillor Ron Smith pointed out that there are some projects in the Hawick and Hermitage ward that have still to be priced and considered.

This includes a seat and steps at the top of the Waverley Walk, general improvements in Lochpark Industrial Estate and Garfield Street and the proposed purchase of novelty seating – shaped like sheep – for the civic space. He said: “I’ve no problem in principle about upgrading the CCTV but I think there should be a proper assessment of the situation first.” It was agreed
to refer the matter to the
January meeting of the area forum.

n Talking Point, page 14