Patient says thanks to practice staff who prioritise the ‘very ill’

IF I MAY, I would like to reply to the letter published in last week’s Hawick News regarding Teviot Medical Practice.

I appreciate the problem in seeing a doctor and finding an appointment. I have experienced the problem myself but this is not always the case.

During the past six months I have been quite ill. On frequent occasions I have had to visit the surgery as an emergency and I never had to wait more than ten minutes to see a doctor.

Just before Christmas I collapsed at home. My wife immediately took me to Teviot Medical Practice and within minutes I was examined by a doctor who thought my condition was very serious and needed immediate attention.

An ambulance arrived and I was taken to Border General Hospital and then to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

When I was examined on arrival, the specialist said that if I hadn’t had such swift attention my condition would have been extremely grave, possibly even life-threatening.

I would like to thank the doctors and staff at Teviot Medical Practice for their care. May God bless you in your work.

The next time I have to visit the surgery, perhaps with a sore back or runny nose, and have to wait a week to see a doctor, I won’t complain. I will remember what happened to me, safe in the knowledge that if you are very ill, a doctor will see you.

name and address withheld