Paterson slams fly-tippers ruining popular picnic spot

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A local councillor is furious this week after fly-tippers dumped a pile of takeaway garbage at a local picnic area.

The rubbish was left at the Allan Water and consisted of waste food including cooked fish and chips, chicken pieces, cans, bottles, cooking oil containers and food packaging.

The pile had been set alight and was snapped by a Hawick News photographer as it was burning out. Tyre tracks in the mud clearly show where a vehicles had stopped before the rubbish was dumped.

Commenting on the incident, Councillor Davie Paterson said: “This is an absolute disgrace. This happens on a regular basis and the council come along and clean it up right, left and centre.”

And adding to this, landowner Forrest Irving says the fly-tippers regularly visit the area: “We have had numerous fly-tipping incidents. I phone the council and they come and tidy it up. They are very good. We have had tyres dumped in the past and we have had other household items left also.

“It’s such a shame, as it is a really nice area and in the summer time it is popular with picnickers. Some of the rubbish could be dangerous to both children and livestock.”

Scottish Borders Council spends around £50,000 each year cleaning up after rogue dumpers.

And Councillor Paterson is
appealing for anyone with information relating to this latest
incident to contact him in confidence.

“We really do need the public on our side if we are to win the battle against fly-tipping. If anyone sees anything suspicious I would ask them to make a note of vehicle registration numbers and either report it to police or myself.”